Reduce your food and grocery waste

We love food, but hate the waste. There's good news: this kit has all of the essentials you'll need to get started in zero waste grocery shopping and general food enjoyment, without any of the trash. Everything is plastic-free, reusable, and lasts more than a year.

See the products in action

Bee's Wrap: Reusable Food Storage

This versatile item can be used for literally, nearly anything: storing the last half of an onion, keeping your fruit fresh, even replacing that lid you lost for your leftovers container. This concoction of wax, organic cotton, and more allows you to meld the wrap to any surface or food item, keeping it fresh and protected in your fridge or bag. It's reusable for up to a year then compostable. You can even rinse it to keep it clean after messy uses.

Baggu: Reusable Grocery Bag

Durable and doesn't cramp your style - this grapefruit Baggu holds up to 2-3 times the normal, sad grocery bag. With the cute grapefruit print, you won't forget this bag at home. Comes with a small pouch for carrying your compacted bag on the go. (Plus, Baggu offers a take-back program for bags at the end of their life, so you never have to worry about rips or tears.)

Hummingbird Straws: Glass Straw

Glass is one of the safest materials to use with food and beverage, so naturally we went with this beautiful straw. Made from reinforced material, you don't have to fear the glass shattering or cracking. Thick, sturdy, and classy af. Keep it with you in your bag and rinse after use. Comes with straw brush if you'd like a deeper clean.

Leafico: Reusable Produce Bags

We know not to use plastic grocery bags, but what about those thin plastic bags for your produce? These organic cotton bags keep your produce in their best form from grocery store to fridge. No more plastic in your grocery trip at all.